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Monday, 23 April 2012

Invasion of Privacy

Nothing is Private
Through our weeks of acknowledging more about invasion of privacy, we have accumulated a hefty amount of information. Information was shown that we must use it with care in handing it, with having personal details about you like your social security number, address, name, birth of date, height, bank account's should not be handed to just anyone. In receiving a legitimate letter from your government re-guarding to your updates or anything of the sort is likely to be granted. Following that issue, it is likely that your employer would be in need of your personal information for a back round check so it is best to provide.

A perspective of how the internet grew.
In a class of ours, we had taken part of watching the "net" in having better grasp of what we are to protect and why. It starts with the Undersecretary of Defense receiving a letter in re guards of his medical history stating that he had tested positive for aids, which had led Micheal Bergstrum to suicide for the fear of judgement of being homosexual. This and much more was downloaded onto a floppy disk that was accidentally fell upon an employee(Dale) of Cathedral software. In being confused, Dale had sent it to her co-worker(Angela Bennett) at Los Angelas. With finding much more, Dale's personal plane crashes because of GPS malfunctions and continues the adrenaline all the way to the end. Furthermore, The "net" had touched upon many issues that are key aspect of protection,  by who might be watching your computer conversations, how technology can be manipulated from miles away.
The cover of the movie to when it was released

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