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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Computerized Art

Painting and art has been around for thousands of years, some including ocher-based mixtures used to create cave paintings, many of the fathers of art like Leonardo da Vinci, well known for his world re-noun painting of Mona Lisa. Furthermore, Many forms of art have shown how the artist feels, in wanting to make their style known art has altered to many forms.  

My Copy
In the past week, Ms. Bey's fourth period was asked to re-create a painting of our choosing. On the other hand, before the time of advanced computers, it was known that paintings took years to complete. With doing this the artist and the object/person had to stay in a uncomfortable position for many months, But as time progressed ideas were constructed in making it easier for both sides. Some involving the artist to make a sketch and do everything without the object or by photographic memory. Giving them a sense of every detail on what was to be. On the one hand, Moving to the 21st century, computers are now the solution to making art with ease. Some applications that involve art are Paint, Slimber,Sketchbook pro for the i pad and etc. These tools revolutionized the ways of art significantly, in creating new things I had made a replica of the original painting made by Klee.

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