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Friday, 8 June 2012

Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich
A mom in the suburbs of the US has been experiencing some tough times with being fired from past jobs, the stress of three kids, over the head of debt and much more. With her persistence of her finding a job, she drives her car unknowingly a collision takes place with the result of her meeting her new boss, Ed Masry. Her first encounter with Masry, was at his law office discussing legal matters of her case. Even though she had lost the case, she gains a new job as a filing clerk. As the curious person she is, she stumbles upon a mysterious paper trail leading to PG&E. When she found a client's medical records & the real-estate papers were mixed into the same file, had confused her, making her want to know. After meeting the family, she had then realized something was off. Following that event, she had found that hexavalent chromium 0.6 was improperly disposed of into leaking ponds. PG&E, being the center of attention has loss in a legal battle with the opposition because of the news of hexavalent chromium was meant to be hidden as a toxic element and environmental injustice was put aside their attention.

The Following video depicts Erin Brockovich for outstanding step of putting fear into people

Monday, 4 June 2012

Code of Conduct – E – Communication

Words that describe a model
  • Good person
  • works hard
  • enthusiastic
  • consistent
  • responsible
  • Shows integrity

There are seven guiding principles
1.      Fairness – treat people fairly.
2.      Integrity – tell the truth, do not mislead.
3.      Social/corporate responsibility – take responsibility.
4.      Confidentiality – preserve the right of privacy.
5.      Individual responsibility – candour + openness
6.      Objectivity – making judgements independent of personal interests
7.      Upholding the law.