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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

During the pass week, Ms. Bey's fourth period class was assigned to write about a certain topic involving Business Computers and Society. I was captivated by the works of Artificial Intelligence and Facebook. Within the requirements of our presentations, were to have use a presentation interface, make a poster and a lot of research.

Artificial Intelligence

Of Ana, Lance and Ben with presenting Artificial Intelligence, I found that Lance was in hesitant to present. I had learned that technology has been improving by automated computers having to operate what the controller says. Although, much of the first models of artificial technology has few flaws with it acting slowly. In some examples of Artificial Intelligence are Asimo made by Honda and Watson was a winning contestant of Jeopardy that had beaten two of the greatest winners of Jeopardy.

Cashless Society

In our modernizing world, we have be changing how were are in need of things. From the start, human beings had to trade to get food, clothing and etc. Now we are heading to a world of plastic, where money is not needed as much. Frantz and Ashley had exclaimed that many countries have already taken the initiative of turning into a cashless sociey and Canada taking little steps to becoming one. The first few that Canadians took to being a cashless society was by taking part of getting a debit/ credit card and having to get rid of the 1cent.   

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